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Kirkenær Industriområde
N-2260 Kirkenær

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PB 2060 Stubberød
N-3255 Larvik

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Phone: +47 33 15 66 66
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Arne Inngard Melby

Factory Manager

Arne is our Factory Manager for both of our sawmills in Hedmark and he has quickly found his place amongst good co-workers. Arne is constantly looking to find areas to improve, both with regards to technical solutions and operations, as well as getting the most out of each log.

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Avdeling Kirkenær er et rent furusagbruk, lokalisert på Kirkenær i Grue kommune, mellom Kongsvinger og Elverum.

The Production Plant at Kirkenær is purely a saw mill producing pine, and is located in Grue municipality, between Kongsviner and Elverum.

  • 40 colleagues
  • The sawmill saws 200.000 m3 pine timber annually, which amounts to 1.1 million logs. 
  • Delivers sawn timber to other departments in Bergene Holm for planing.
  • Delivers sawn timber to industrial companies both within and outside of the Norwegian boarders.
  • Produces gardening bark in sacks


The product range of the Kirkenær department includes:

  • Sawn timber which becomes construction wood, racks/barges, cladding or wood terrace decking boards at Skarnes.
  • Bark for bioenergy and gardening
  • Cellulose chips for various customers within the wood- paper and chipboard industries. 
  • Sawn chips for biofuel, pellets- and chipboard customers.
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