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Delivery address

Jordøya 152 , Simonstad
N-4868 Selåsvatn

Postal address

PB 2060 Stubberød
N-3255 Larvik

Contact info

Phone: +47 33 15 66 66
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Johan Mørland

Factory Director



Nidarå Production Plant comprises of sawmills, planing mills, staining and  impregnation. Additionally the plant has a press plant for wood pellets for livestock litter, a press plant for production of briquettes for bioenergy as well as a plant for packing sacked bark for gardening purposes.

  • 85 colleagues
  • Turnover of 350 MNOK
  • Annually sells 160 000 m³ (3 500 trailer loads) with timber.
  • 70% of total production is sold to Norwegian hardware stores and industry customers. 30% is exported.


Nidarå production plant produces practically everything you would need to build typical Norwegian houses or cottages in wood:

  • Construction Wood
  • Cladding
  • Wood terrace decking boards

Nidarå Production Plant also have production lines for :

  • Impregnation and Staining

Domestic customers are the established hardware stores in the southern and western parts of Norway, as well as industry customers.

Nidarå Production Plant exports to Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and England.


Nidarå Production Plant also produces surplus products from biproducts:

  • Wood pellets for livestock litter
  • Briquettes for bioenergy use
  • Gardening bark in sacks
  • Wood chips

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